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Hello! How are you today?

I’m awesome, thank you for asking! First of all, I want to thank all my supporters and followers on Buy Me A Coffee! You are the reason I keep believing in myself and in what I can achieve if I work hard enough! I thought this type of people is just a myth in today’s world!

Secondly, I want to show my gratitude and appreciation to Billy, the owner of, who sent me the following email:

Honestly, I think this is one of the best gifts I ever received in my entire life! And I’m not even referring to the donation. I’m referring to the fact that someone believes in me so much that he put in his time and effort to create something that has no use to him, the sole purpose being to help me out. That says something about him. And also about humanity. There still is so much good into the world and it is such a shame that these good deeds are not made publicly by the receivers.

We hear so many horrible stories and situations that we tend to believe the world is a dark place full of dark people that just want to fulfill their own selfish interest without considering if their actions are actually hurting the world.

So here it is, my second post is about awesome people, like Billy, who just want to help.

Let’s put this kind of stories and people more into the world so we can overcome everything with beauty and greatness instead emptiness and pessimism, shall we?

Love you all!


PS: If you enjoy my content, I will think of you while drinking my coffee. – BuyMeACoffee

My son, this blog and coffee is what keeps me alive and going while fighting alcoholism!