Hey nice people!

Yes, it’s been a while. I know… I know… I just got tired from posting and I needed a break. Maybe it’s not my thing.

Nevertheless, so many of you are so great at this blogging thing and it is so visible that it is your thing! That this is what you need to do with your life! It’s your calling, your passion! And that’s why I want to share my blueprint of how I managed to grow this blog so much in so little time!

1. Post as much as you can!

You need to really know yourself and find your rhythm here. I posted 4 times a day. And let me tell you that it is exhausting. But it was exhausting because I realized blogging is not my thing. I’m more of a reader than content creator, even though I think I am fairly good at this. Also, as a single mom, I can’t do this anymore…

So, posting daily was one of the key factors that helped me grow this blog.

2. Engage with other bloggers!

Engaging with other bloggers is the second-best thing you can do to grow your blog. It’s the second-best and not the best because if you don’t have content, the other bloggers have no reason to follow you. They don’t get anything from it. Having content is important so the others have a reason to follow you, especially since you are so good at creating content.

Engaging means finding other bloggers, reading their content and interacting with them. Give them likes, follows and comments to give your feedback to their content. Blogging is more about community and how the people in that community feel.

For this year while I was blogging, I read tens of blogposts per day and gave them my two cents whenever I had something to say.

3. Reply to every comment you receive!

This is very important because your readers will know that their opinion matter. That’s how you keep your current readers while gaining new ones. Do not underestimate this because if you don’t do it, the old readers will leave while new ones come in. Overall, your blog will have a flow of “follow” and “unfollow” in the same time, therefore it will not grow!

4. Plan ahead!

You need to plan where you want your blog to go long-term. Where you see it in a couple of years and what you want to achieve with it. This is what will help you have a long-term vision that will keep you on track whenever the things get rough. It will also allow you create small objectives you could complete every day/week/month that will compound and enable you to reach your desired outcome.

This is where I failed. My vision was to be financially independent through blogging, but I didn’t thoroughly plan this, so I got burned out. But it’s a good thing because I tried it, so I have no regrets.

I really hope these things make sense and that it will help you in your blogging journey!

Your favorite retired blogger and eternal reader,