Hello again, people!

Yes, apparently, I’m still here.

While writing yesterday’s post about how I managed to grow this blog to over 6k followers I realized one thing: I like creating content that can bring some form a value to you, guys. However, there is a problem with putting out content: every person has a different situation/niche/blog/mindset, therefore the general content might not be that helpful.

Besides this, I realized I’m somewhat good at creating and growing a blog. I must have done something good since I was able to grow this blog to over 6.8K followers.

So, with these things in mind, I want to ask you what should I do next. I’ve created a poll with all the things that came to my mind. Some might be good while others might suck. But my opinion is too subjective to rely on it alone.

Now, my question is (if you don’t see the question, try accessing the post through the main link):

I’m just trying to understand if these ideas would bring value to you and how much value would it bring. I’m also trying to understand if which of the below (if any) would bring so much value to you that you would be willing to give some of your money in exchange for that value.

Your feedback means the most to me!

Your favorite (ex?)retired blogger and eternal reader,


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My son, this blog and coffee is what keeps me alive and going while fighting alcoholism!