Hey guys and gals!

How are you? I hope you have an amazing week!

First of all, I want to thank you for giving me your honest opinion in the poll I posted last week.

Here are the results:

Poll Results

As you can see, Keep posting quotes daily is on the first place, so I’ll start publishing quotes soon enough. Secondly, you would like for me to Publish more about myself and my life, which I started doing lately.

The next things I’m considering doing is creating a newsletter to send short blogging tips, publish longer articles with general blogging tips and even write some eBooks. I think these are the things than can help both me and you in this blogging universe.

Hopefully I’ll start with the quotes next week. I just need to start the process of searching and creating them once again.

Till next time, have an amazing day! And thank you very very much once again for everything!



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My son, this blog and coffee is what keeps me alive and going while fighting alcoholism!