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As the title says, today I’ll write my two cents regarding how I believe a romantic relationship should look like!

First of all, just to get this out of my way, I want to let you know I’m not an expert in love. By far. All the relationships I had until this point failed one way or another. And I’m sure I’m partial to blame for that.

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Every romantic relationship should start with passion!

If passion is not there in the beginning, when do you expect it to come? Passion and excitement usually appear when you encounter someone new, right? Because as the time goes by, you get used to that person and that passion changes… The question is: passion changes into what?

Passion should transform into love!

Personally, I don’t believe in love at first sight! Why? Because that’s not love. Not the way I see it.

I think love should be the thing that determines you to get out of the bed in the middle of the night to go bring your loved one a glass of water because that person is too tired to do it themselves. And love is what makes you do that with a smile on your face and the desire to make your loved one feel better, not with the desire that you might get lucky the next day (if you know what I mean).

Love at first sight is actually physical attraction and the desire to get your hands and legs and whatever you have wrapped around that person. That’s it. You don’t know that person, so how do you know if you are compatible? Maybe I’m too old and I don’t understand love… Am I?

A relationship should have ups and downs!

Casual fights are inevitable. The two in that relationship have their problems, frustrations, desires, dreams and so on. Sometimes those things are not the same for both members, so it makes sense to argue from time to time. You will probably reach out to a consensus, but there is a process to get to that. Otherwise frustrations will accumulate in time and when it bursts, all hell breaks loose!

My experience was all about accumulating frustrations because people tend to lie. There is such a lack of real conversation because everybody wants to be seen strong and perfect, when the reality is that we are all humans and we are allowed to be vulnerable. But of course, this might go to the extreme where people tend to victimize themselves and complain all day long that they have a crappy life. The thing is that you are part of their life too.

Anyways, love is not that complicated if the two are honest with each other. I think that’s all it takes. Honesty and commitment. If one of the two thinks the things don’t go that well, they should be comfortable having an hones discussion to figure things out. And if they decide it is better to be separated, then that should be it.

Love has so much drama into it. It’s crazy.

These were my thoughts! Looking forward for your comments!



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