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Have you ever wondered why people hit the Unfollow button? I have and I want to share with you what I noticed over the years.

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People unfollow you if you write the same thing over and over again!

Your favorite meal becomes less favorite if you eat it daily. The same thing applies in this blogging world. If you post new content which actually is the same one over and over again, people will become indifferent or even annoyed and that’s when they click Unfollow.

It is perfectly fine to have bits and pieces that repeat themselves in the posts, but the main idea needs to be different!

People unfollow you if you ignore them

You want followers, right? And views and likes and comments. Well, what do you do when they come? If you ask for comments, but you don’t reply back or at least give a like to those comments, people will tend to feel ignored and they wonder why bother commenting on your posts.

You need to cherish every single person interacting with your blog, especially the people that actually give you their two cents regarding what you posted.

People unfollow you if you post too often

Yes, I am guilty of this! And I lost followers because of this!

I started posting again 4 – 5 times per day. But I do it to keep myself distracted. That’s also the reason why I read a lot of other bloggers. It’s my only way to deal with the voice in my head that constantly tells me to go have a drink.

I hope you’ll find something valuable in my posts. Quotes can be read in a matter of seconds, but they can spark ideas that last for years.

People unfollow you if you seem to be fake

Keep it real! Don’t try to seem the person that you are not. Your life is not perfect, regardless who you are. We all have problems. Share them. And share your solution for them, if you have one. Maybe you’ll help others with similar problems or they will help you.

People unfollow you if they don’t like your content

And that’s fine! You don’t have to be liked by everybody. As long as you are being real, you will attract the likeminded people. In the process, you might catch the attention of the people with different mindsets. They might even give you some mean comments. And that’s fine! In the end, they will walk away because they just have a different view of life.

Anyways, this is what I learned so far!

How about you? Why do you think people hit the Unfollow button?

Looking forward to read your comments!

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