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Hey! I hope everything is awesome for you!

For me, not so much. I mean, I don’t even know. I mean, not for real. It’s probably my own mind telling me nasty stuff. And that’s why I decided to tell you how does the mind of an alcoholic looks like (my mind).

Do you also have a voice in your own head whispering stuff from time to time? And that voice is not that loud, but it often speaks. It’s a habit.

When I go out tying to buy some groceries, that voice tells me I should buy a beer as well. Just one. Or maybe two.

When I want to take out the trash, that voice tells me it only takes 5 minutes to go to the closest market to buy a bottle of wine. Or maybe some vodka as it’s easier to drink and it gives a bigger kick.

On my way to work, that voice tells me I should go in the closest market to buy a small bottle of any kind of booze just to start the day a little bit better. At 7 AM in the morning. And on my way home, it’s the same voice telling me I should buy a couple of beers so I can sleep better.

I don’t know if all alcoholics have this voice, but mine is constantly there telling me to have just one more drink and then I’ll quit. And everything gets to be around that one more drink. And I don’t even know why I want that drink… because I don’t want it. But I want it…

It’s a tough battle… I really hope none of you feel the same…

Anyways, have a wonderful day!



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My son, this blog and coffee is what keeps me alive and going while fighting alcoholism!