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Hey amazing people!

Thank you for being here even though I haven’t shared any of my personal thoughts for a while now, but I hope the quotes I shared suited you well!

I’ve done a lot of thinking lately… about money, about alcoholism, about life… But in this post, I’ll talk mostly about money.

 I’m a strongly believer in the idea that anyone can achieve anything, but that “anything” comes with a price. So, the question is if that person is willing to pay the price for that.

I’ve listened a lot of books, podcasts, motivational speeches and so on to keep that voice inside my head shut. And I mostly succeeded. One main idea the successful people say is to work your ass off for whatever you want to achieve. That it is good to sacrifice a couple of years to have the life you want. Which is totally true, but what’s the price?

Are you willing to miss your children’s early years? Are you willing to ignore your life partner a couple of years?

Maybe it does worth it as you’ll have a lot more years left to enjoy whatever you achieved (assuming that THING doesn’t require constant attention). And maybe you are able to see the bigger picture and you are willing to pay the price, but are the people from your life also willing to pay it?

I’m constantly having this discussion inside my head because I’m kinda desperate to find a way to have more money so I can support my family. But the discussion exists because I’m not willing to pay the years. I’m not willing to throw away time to get money. Or at least, not yet.

I also think blogging is actually a good way to do what you love and you might even get a buck or two for sharing whatever you want to share.

Words change people… words change minds…

…words can help you earn some years you might have thrown away otherwise because you didn’t know you were not willing to pay the price.

My advice? If you’d ask me, I say everybody really needs to understand what they want to achieve and the price that comes with that.

What do you think?

Much love,


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